Pine Ridge Lawsuit

Greener Side Haven Friends and Supporters:

It pains me to tell you that I lost the lawsuit that Pine Ridge brought against me. Judge Thomas, of Citrus county, ruled that our nonprofit organization is a business and as such, I can not house any of The Greener Side Haven animals in my home.  Almost all of the animals at The Greener Side Haven are seniors, those with extensive medical problems or ones that no one else wanted before. I am desperately searching for commercial property to move the animal sanctuary to. If you have property or know of something that might work or if you would like to become a forever foster for a special needs baby, please contact me at 352-746-3545. 

I ended up personally paying legal fees in excess of $90,000. This money could have been used to help pay the cost of buying a commercial location for the sanctuary in the range of $270,000 to $500,000. It is time to ask the friends and supporters of The Greener Side Haven to dig deep so we can continue to do the life-saving work that we do. Every dollar counts. God Bless and please SHARE about The Greener Side Haven!!! 

Thank you,

Julianne Jackson, President